Professional Services

General Psychotherapy Practice

Diagnostic Evaluation and Psychotherapy with individuals, couples, parents and families.

Supervision for psychotherapists and agencies.

Consultation for public and private schools regarding psychological issues.


General Wealth Services

Counseling with individuals, couples, parents and families on issues related to wealth and self, children, relationships, work and community. Ms. Wechter helps to define goals, identify and understand the obstacles to achieving those goals and enter the next phase of implementation using productive solutions.

Speaking to business groups, financial services clients, investment groups, wealth groups and general groups.

Lecture and Workshop Topics: Psychological Considerations Regarding the Economic Crisis, Emotional Issues of Pre-nuptials; Estate Planning and Family Money; How to Talk Comfortably About Money; Money Issues and Their Effect on Relationships; Family Business Issues; Counterproductive Behavior and Self-Sabotage; Money and Guilt; Balancing Power and Decision Making in Relationships; Active Philanthropy and Stewardship; Developing Psychological Strategies for Saving, Sharing and Spending; Developing Money Values; The Challenges and Opportunities of Having and Inheriting Money


Women, Wealth and Power

Counseling about wealth/financial issues, self-esteem issues, power issues and relationship issues.

Speaking to women's groups, professional organizations and clients of financial professionals.

Lecture and Workshop Topics: Money and Power; Agency and Owning Desire; Identity, Intimacy and Autonomy; Cultural Messages and Their Impact on Behavior; Getting Smart about Money; Unconscious Conflicts, Internal Messages and Self-Sabotage; Relationships and Wealth; Life Transition and Money: Marriage, Divorce and Death; Earned Wealth, Inherited Wealth, and Wealth Through Marriage


Parents, Children and Wealth

Counseling with parents and families to deal with children’s behaviors by understanding perspectives and beliefs, and developing specific strategies for resolution. Ms. Wechter works individually and with small groups of parents on specific topics related to wealth and privilege.

Consultation for school principals, teachers and counselors.

Speaking to school groups, church/synagogue groups and financial professional's client groups.

Topics: Cultural Pressures About Money; How to Talk About Money With Your Children; Helping Kids Cope With Wealth; Raising Privileged Children in a Privileged Environment; Teaching Responsibility of Wealth; Developing Money Values; Teaching Money Skills- Allowance, Freedom and Responsibility; Instilling Motivation; Imparting Core Family Values; Understanding Child Developmental Stages and the Parental Task; Stresses of Privilege and Perfectionism


For Financial Professionals

Consultation with financial professionals to develop strategies for understanding the emotional needs of high-wealth clients, especially those needs which impact or interfere with sound financial decision-making.

Speaking to business groups and financial services professionals.

Lecture and Workshop Topics: The Psychological Differences Between Inherited, Earned and Sudden Wealth; The Psychology of Wealth and its Effects on Financial and Life Planning Decisions; Emotional issues of Pre-nuptials, Dissolution of Marriage and Inheritance Trusts; Estate Planning and Family Money; Family Business Issues; The Challenges and Opportunities of Having and Inheriting Money